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In freediving level 2 we want to go deeper, further and stay longer underwater. In level 1 we learned the basics now we will fine tune our skills and add new ones to help us handle the bigger and deeper dives.


We are going to relax more, become more efficient and become more intimate with the secrets of freediving. But the most important element we will introduce here is the “Free fall”.


For the Level 2 course we will do 2 theory sessions to expand our knowledge base. The theory includes advanced physiology, training, lungs at depth, advanced breathing techniques, specialized equipment and of course safety.


In the pool apart from static and dynamic apnea we will also try training tables and fine tuning our buoyancy.


The rest of the course we are going to spend it in the ocean. 4 open water sessions to take our diving to the next level. We are actually going to “fly” underwater. This is how the “Free Fall” feels like and this is why it is considered the best part of freediving.


In the end of the course apart from mastering the “Free Fall” you will be able to dive deeper than 24 meters in a very comfortable and easy way. You will also have the skill set to continue improving your diving.


The prerequisite of a Level 1 certification (or equivalent) is required to join the Level 2 course.


Course outline:

  • Introductions and sign ups

  • Theory session 1: Physiology, Lungs at depth, stretching and training

  • Freediving specific body stretching,  Freediving specific lung and thoracic stretching session.

  • Confined water session-Static Apnea, Dynamic Apnea, buoyancy check, training tables, safety and rescue.

  • Theory session 2: Safety and rescue, Advanced freediving equipment

  • Deep pool session: Warm up concepts, refining technique, constant weight and freefall

  • Freediving specific body stretching, Freediving specific lung and thoracic stretching session

  • Open water session 1: Warm up concepts, constant weight, freefall, safety dives/buddy system

  • Freediving specific body stretching, lung and thoracic stretching session

  • Open water session 2: Warm up concepts, constant weight, freefall, rescue and skills

  • Open water session 3: Warm up concepts, max dives

  • Written exam

The course includes:

  • All professional freediving equipment.

  • Course study materials.

  • International certification.

  • Pool tickets (Shallow pool and deep pool)

  • Photos (max. 10 pictures)

not include : Open water session*

What you need to bring?

  • Swimwear

  • Towel

  • if you prefer to use you own gear like mask and long fins, you can bring them with you.

The regular course schedule is open everyday from Tuesday to Sunday at 8:30 - 11:30am (need to book in advance) 

Request for specific time and private booking are also available.

Level 2 Course - IDR 5.500.000

Open water session - IDR 1.500.000

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