Level 3 is about performance and being able to help other divers. Being able to assist in courses and organizing dives for you and your friends. If it is an open water session or a pool training you will be able to lead and provide safety. 


Freediving Level 3 is a course tailor made to fit your needs. We focus on our weaknesses to have the biggest possible improvement during the course.


The theory includes advanced equalizing techniques like packing and mouthfill. Training, Nutrition, advanced equipment and everything you need to get your diving at top level.


During the course we will have breathing and stretching workshops to improve the total lung capacity and lower the residual volume of the lungs. You will plan and lead training sessions in the pool for Static Dynamic and run Tables.


In the ocean we will practice exhale dives, mouthfill equalization and Variable weight dives. All in preparation of going deeper.


The level 3 is by far the most demanding of the freediving courses but also the most rewarding. By the end of it you will be able to dive deeper than 32 meters, hold your breath for more than 3 minutes and 30 seconds and swim 70 meters in dynamic apnea.


Most importantly you will become an Instructor assistant.


The course will cover the following subjects and skills:



  • Introduction

  • Lung Expansion & Contraction

  • Training for Depth

  • The Mouthfill Technique

  • Nutrition

  • Pressure & Physiology


Practical Skills

  • Packing and reverse packing session

  • Lung stretching session

  • Static & Dynamic

  • Dry Mouthfill practice session

  • FRC Mouthfill practice

  • Safety, Rescue and Skills

  • FRC and full exhale Mouthfill practice

  • Mouthfill practice dive

  • Deep dive

The course includes:

  • All professional freediving equipment.

  • Course study materials.

  • International certification

Level 3 - IDR 8.500.000