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The freediving Level 1 is about the fundamentals of freediving. Unlike scuba diving where you learn how to use your equipment in freediving we learn how to use our body.


We learn how the body works when we hold our breath and about the mammalian dive reflex, a series of mechanism in our body, that allows us to enjoy diving while holding our breath.


The course has 2 theory sessions and 2 confined water sessions. We start with theory, mostly to understand what is happening in our body when we hold our breath. The next step is to use special breathing techniques to slow our body down and activate the mammalian dive reflex. We practice breathing and become familiar with the rhythm before going to the pool.


In the pool we start practicing static apnea. Just lying still enjoying the new sensations and the feeling of being at peace while being under water. Then we learn how to move through the water. Finning, body position and relaxation while we move will help us cover more distance. The pool is the perfect environment to practice our new skills before we use them in the ocean.


In the second theory session we talk about safety and pressure and we will have all the information we need for the ocean.


After that is all about the sea. We have 2 open water sessions to become one with the water. We will use free immersion and constant weight dives and let our body be shaped by the elements around us and enjoy our new found abilities.


In the end of the course you will be able to dive comfortably and safely deeper than 14 meters but most importantly you will rediscover the ocean.

Course outline:

  • Introductions and sign ups

  • Theory session 1: Physiology, breathing, Safety and rescue

  • Breathing and relaxation, breath hold coaching, intro to breath holding

  • Confined water session: Static apnea, Dynamic apnea with fins, streamlining, finning technique.

  • Theory session 2: Pressure and equalizations, equipment, guidelines.

  • Open water session 1: Introduction to deep diving.

  • Open water session 2: Constant weight (CWT), safety and rescue.

  • Written Exam


The course includes:

  • All professional freediving equipment.

  • Course study materials.

  • International certification.

  • Pool tickets (Shallow pool and deep pool)

  • Photos (max. 10 pictures)

What you need to bring?

  • Swimwear

  • Towel

  • if you prefer to use you own gear like mask and long fins, you can bring them with you.

The regular course schedule is open everyday from Tuesday to Sunday at 8:30 - 11:30am (need to book in advance) 

Request for specific time and private booking are also available.

We suggest you to skip breakfast before the course.

Level 1 Course - IDR 4.500.000 *

Private class - IDR 6.500.000 *

*Unfortunately foreigners cannot enter the deep pool because it is belong to military service. So, the price above is only for WNI / Indonesian citizen. For foreigners, we need to do the second session in the ocean. 

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