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For beginner who never taken courses before, we advice to start taking intro level or directly to level 1.

** Coaching session for the students who has already taken courses before or has already certified as freediver level 1

Price for Coaching Sessions includes:

  • Pool tickets

  • Rental equipment

  • 2 hours training

  • Photos (max 5 pics)



Freediving Society offers courses for beginner level to instructor level at flexible dates. we also offer speciality course such as monofin course for them who want to focus on dolphin kicks.

Our courses include:

  • Manual books

  • Training Session

  • Pool Tickets

  • Pool Session

  • Gear rental

  • Certification

  • Breathing Session

  • Stretching Session

  • Mouth fill practice (Master level)

  • Equalization Workshop

  • Dry Training

*Courses not include open water session in the island of Pramuka. 

Please check our course section for more detail information here. 


COACHING session (only for certified students)

Freediving society also provides coaching session and personalized tables for those who want to train in their own facilities and time. Whether you want to train dry or in the pool we can provide tables specially made for your needs. 


Our private pool is 35m by 20m and is ideal for static and dynamic training. We can also use Senayan pool for dimension olympic size pool or training equalization for beginner 5m deep. For deeper training we have the option of Tribuana Dive Centre 16m deep.

We provide training tables for all levels of freediving. From beginner to competition level. We will set goals together and we will achieve them while having fun. Our coaches will provide safety and encouragement. Join our training sessions 

Our Tables include:

  • CO2 tolerance

  • Low O2 tolerance

  • Interval training

  • Resistance training

  • Static Apnea

  • Dynamic Apnea

  • Apnea walks

  • Stationary bicycle tables



The Tribuana dive center has the deepest pool in Indonesia with 16 meters of depth. It is ideal for practicing at all levels of freediving. Freediving Society organizes Coaching and Training sessions where you can improve your freediving skills or prepare for a diving trip.

Our training sessions include:

  • Equalization practice

  • CWT technique

  • FIM technique

  • CNF technique

  • FRC Dives

  • RV Dives


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