Freediving Society was created to share the passion of becoming one with the Ocean. We love freediving but we love more to share the feelings with everybody who feels at home in the water. We believe that the best freediver in the world is the happiest one and we make sure that everybody will enjoy the water in the pool, in the shallow reef or in the deep waters along the line. We know very well that to have fun you need first to feel safe. We take great pride at our level of safety. We use the latest equipment and all our Instructors are trained to handle any problem in the water.

Freediving Society is a school but it is also a community of Ocean lovers who left behind the bulk of the SCUBA equipment and embraced the innate ability of humans to dive on a single breath. We share with the other marine mammals mechanisms that makes us capable of staying underwater just with our breath-hold. Dolphins, whales and seals are our distant relatives.


Freediving Society is located in the west of Jakarta. In our base we provide classroom and pools. For the Open water sessions we travel by boat to the close Islands north of Jakarta. The island of Pramuka one of our most popular dive spots offers a picturesque site, easily accessible depth and beautiful coral gardens.

Our Team

Nikita Fima is an Indonesian freediving record holder and a professional freediver. She works at the Jakarta Aquarium where she performs underwater for the show “the pearl of the south sea”. She is a Pure Apnea Instructor and a Mermaid Instructor.

Renny Rachmawaty  is the latest addition to our team. Don’t be fooled by how young she looks. She dives like she has been in the water for 100 years. Most likely she was a fish in her previous life. She has a degree in International Business and Management, she is an Advanced Pure Apnea Freediver and on her way to becoming an Instructor. A great UW photographer that really enjoys the photos at the end of every training session..


Samsul Rois is an Aircraft Technician and a football player who loves Freediving. He started freediving 4 years ago and became a Pure apnea Instructor in 2019. His freediving skills also helped him explore his passion for underwater photography. He loves his camera and you will never see him underwater without his housing.


Our Mermaid School

If you are also interested in Mermaiding visit


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