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What is freediving?

In its most common form, freediving is diving without the assistance of breathing apparatus and without leaving any “footprint” to the environment. To accomplish this freedivers learn breath-hold techniques in order to do entire dives on one breath. The challenge of holding your breath and swimming deep may seem crazy to some, but it is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have in the water. The first step to become a freediver is to learn to never freedive alone and always dive with a buddy.


Here, in Freediving Society  we will explain the reasons why we never freedive alone and during the course we will share with you the amazing sensations of freediving. You will learn the body’s reaction to rising carbon dioxide levels, how to hold breath beyond the usual comfort level and how to come back to the surface and regain normal breathing in a safe and enjoyable way. You will also practice basic rescue techniques and learn your role as a buddy.


Our school is located in the west of Jakarta. We offer the highest level of freediving courses, pool or deep training and fun dives in the island of Pramuka. We are a team of trained, experienced and enthusiastic freediving instructors, who will lead you to the amazing world of freediving.


Freediving is for everyone, you don’t need to be an athlete to enjoy freediving. The sport is more about relaxation, mind set and technique and not about strength. Your goal is to connect with the water and enjoy all the feelings and sensations.


Join Us, explore your ocean, enjoy the dive and go deeper with us.



Learn to freedive and rediscover the Ocean and yourself. Our professional Instructors are passionate in what they do and they will lead you every step of the way.


Develop your skills and improve your breath-hold. Freediving training is fun and it is more fun when it is done in a safe environment under the guidance of very experienced athletes. 



In Freediving society we believe that fun is the most important element in freediving. Indonesia is on of the best places in the world to have fun while freediving. Join us.

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Nikita Fima

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Nikita Fima is an Indonesian freediving record holder and a professional freediver. She used to work as a singer and was a Mermaid at the Jakarta Aquarium where she performs underwater for the show “the pearl of the south sea”. She is a Pure Apnea Instructor and a Mermaid Instructor. 


Dikta Wicaksono

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Dikta Wicaksono is one of the best Indonesian musician who love freediving. He decided to be part of the underwater world after his first time freediving and fell in love with the depth sensation. His fast improvement continue his freediving level to become Freediving instructor in 2021. Not only freediving, he is also very good in taking picture underwater


Samsul Rois

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Samsul Rois is an Aircraft Technician and a football player who loves Freediving. He started freediving 4 years ago and became a Pure apnea Instructor in 2019. His freediving skills also helped him explore his passion for underwater photography. He loves his camera and you will never see him underwater without his housing.

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