Instructor Qualification Course

Freediving instructors are the leaders of the sport of freediving and

therefore must be highly skilled, knowledgeable and professional in their

activities. We strive to lead other freediving agencies in terms of

quality and standards especially in relation to instructors who represent us.

During this Instructor Qualification Course (IQC) you will learn how to

conduct yourself as a freediving professional and provide your students

with high quality freediving courses.


The theory of the course includes all the previous levels and:


  • Introduction to becoming an Instructor

  • Prerequisites to become an Instructor

  • Equipment Requirements

  • Course Logistics

  • Course Methodology

  • Theory Sessions

  • Skills Development

  • Instructor Candidate Assessment

  • Checklists


During this course you will develop your teaching skills but also your diving skills.

In the end of the course you will be able to perform the following requirements and be comfortable sharing your knowledge to future freedivers in a safe way.


  • 2x 40m CWT (Bi-fins) freedives. 

  • 4:00 Static.

  • 25m rescue, revival and 50m tow.

  • 100m DYN (Bi-fins)

  • 50m DNF

  • 25m CNF

  • Hang(+-45sec) at 15m followed by a rescue

  • 5x 20m CWT with 1 minute surface interval

  • 40m rope rescue in 4 minutes with 10kg bottom weight

The course includes:

  • All professional freediving equipment.

  • Course study materials.

  • International certification

Instructor Qualification Course - IDR 14.000.000